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    “Lingerie”, just saying this word makes all women go red on cheeks. Most women adore lingerie whether they accept this fact or not. However, they often don’t find the right lingerie for themselves or shy away from buying. But women should find the time to pamper themselves. A lingerie can make you feel more sexy and sensuous. Especially, women who are busy at work or mothers who have lost the spark and intimacy with their partners should add some oomph in their sexual lives. Here are some examples of lingerie you can add to your closet to spice up your intimacy levels with your lover:

    Bow Top Open Front Babydoll Lingerie

    Surprise your man with Babydoll Bow Top Open Front Lingerie in sexy bright red color. Babydoll lingerie is perfect for a luxurious dolled up look as it is made of soft lace and satin. The Bow Top Bra has a bow in the middle with halter neck strings attached and an open front, which highlights your belly. It has a G- string panty with a bow on front.

    Lana Paisley Halter Babydoll Chemise

    For women who need something more than a lingerie, they will love Babydoll Chemise. It is more than a lingerie but less than a dress. A sexy Black Babydoll Chemise is never out of trend. Lana Paisley Halter Babydoll Chemise is created using high quality printed lace with a sexy halter tie neck, revealing cleavage keyhole front cut out and an absolutely sexy mesh back. Babydoll Chemise comes with a set, which includes detachable black garters and matching thong.

    I Love Halter Front Pink Babydoll

    When it comes to intimacy, romance and sensuality, pink color never lets you down. Pink color denotes femininity and elegance. However, there are different version of pink, which will make you look steamy hot if you wear them at bedtime. I Love Halter Front Pink Babydoll is made according to the needs of every pink lover. The top has a designer lace halter neck bra attached with a see through pink net, which starts from below your breasts and ends at your panty level. The Halter Front Pink Babydoll comes with a matching pink G – string underwear.

    Romantic Rose Babydoll Dress

    If you love showing off your assets, then this Romantic Rose Babydoll is a must buy. As the name says Romantic Rose Babydoll Chemise has rose flower pattern, which partially covers your bust. It has black straps and is made of leather finish fabric in which the pattern starts from the area between your bust, covering the middle part of your belly and revealing your love handles. Sexy Babydoll Dress forms a skirt like pattern in which the middle part is made of premium quality material and the sides from see through sheer fabric. It comes with a matching G – string underwear.

    Apron Babydoll White

    Women who love white will find Apron Babydoll White dress irresistible. When women find it so irresistible, then how your man is going to resist it! Apron Style Babydoll White dress is made from high quality printed lace. It has pink ruffled edges and pink bow details. The combination of pink and white makes it more appealing and the white satin tie back will leave your man jaw-dropped as it reveals your back and bottom. Matching white thong completes the overall look. So dress up with Apron Babydoll White dress to impress your man.

    Go and find a Babydoll Lingerie or Chemise to pamper yourself and your man this holiday season. If you still haven’t got your favorite piece of Babydoll Lingerie you can buy them online from our online store We have a beautiful collection of lingerie available in a wide variety of designs, materials, colors, and sizes. Our range caters to need of all the women who love to buy luxurious Lingerie

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  • Women’s Lingerie


    A beach holiday is the perfect opportunity for women to rake in the compliments for their anatomy. However, some do not have the luxury of being blessed with immaculate body types and hence, shy away from those heartwarming, sun soaked retreats. Going to a store and trying different lingerie and finding out which one suit you the best could become an exasperating chore. To avoid this, visit Lsecrets online lingerie store which delivers products that are appropriate for different body shapes and types.   

    Lsecrets online Womens lingerie store serves as a one stop shop for all your innerwear needs. This is the best online innerwear store for ladies for buying lingerie, nightwear, swimwear, jewelry, and other wellness products. The products are designed with unmatched craftsmanship and are made for all kinds of body types.

     An assortment of Lingerie products

    • Bra Sets-The store brings you state of the art bra sets with an unparalleled pedigree. The glossary includes G-strings, flirtatious thongs, and petal-soft lace panties to highlight your figure.
    • Baby Dolls-An array of tempting baby dolls are on offer at reasonable prices. A selection of well researched baby doll designs are on display that cater to the taste of different individuals with refined tastes.
    • Corset and Erotic-A woman’s body should be treasured and the corset and erotic range of our products are designed to add a special touch to the ensemble of every women. The stimulating bold designs are sure to add spice to your love life.

    Comfortable and Exotic Nightwear

    Lsecrets’ online lingerie store is stocked with some of the finest night wears. Not only these night wears are comfortable but they also offer an extra touch to your night life. The focus is on providing sensual apparel which is different from the run of the mill offerings from other stores. Lighting up the carnal desires the nightwear at Lsecrets are a joy to wear.

    Sensuous Swimwear

    The swimwear at lsecrets is made while keeping the elegance and grace of a lady in mind. In spite of being revealing, the swimwear on display is classy and not lewd. A variety of bikinis are on display ranging from halter top to fringe and some are laced with metal rings and other accessories to leave a lasting impression.

    Jewelry and Wellness products for luxury and style

    Besides apparel, lsecrets also offer innovative jewelry and wellness products. The jewelry can be used to complement lingerie or make a fashion statement on its own. The jewelries sold are boutique designs crafted with excellence in mind and not produced under bulk orders. The wellness products are unique in nature and can be used as a prized possession or a special gift for a loved one. We have a wide selection of Wellness products, like Chi pendants, energy shells, bio discs and consumables like Ole Oliver Leaf extract for boosting immune system.

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  • Fashion Jewellery is an ultimate choice for women to channel her inner goddess regularly. The Choker necklaces are the finest jewellery option to complement various dressing styles. The little secrets jewellery collection is host to contemporary jewellery.  You can choose and buy Jewellery online easily by visiting their portal. Rather than stuffing your collection with ordinary jewellery pieces, choose among these premium lifestyle jewelries.

    • Angles Pendant Necklace - Pink

    This beautiful necklace comes as urbane, utterly stylish jewellery. It gives a stand out look and helps you express yourself. Its unconventional angles and delightful colours will grab attention in crowd. The sensible price of this pendant necklace makes it even more attractive.

    • Antique Gold With Red Necklace

    Express creativity with this anti gold effect red necklace. It goes well with any dressing style but looks amazing with an ethnic wear. Make a statement everywhere you go with this gorgeous red and gold plated necklace.

    • Assorted Floral and Waterdrop Gem Necklace

    The Assorted Floral and Waterdrop Gem Necklace come as vibrant and cheerful jewellery. It is thoughtfully crafted with an unmatched creative process for modern woman. This necklace comes as a perfect fashion accessory to complement variety of your apparels.  

    • Assorted Fluorescent Colour Flowers Necklace

    Add to burst of vibrant colours with this Assorted Fluorescent Colour Flowers Necklace. It gives your wardrobe an extra special touch with the fluorescent colour flowers. The sophisticated design of this necklace adds more value to it as well.

    • Assorted Geometric Necklace – Blue

    This necklace boasts trendy style and comes as an elegant statement piece to go well with your dresses or ethnic wear. It has the simplicity and charm that people crave in jewellery. The versatile design of this necklace makes it ideal to complement with variety of outfits. It is perfect for gifting as well.

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  • When it comes to purchasing swimsuits, picking the right fit and style makes all the difference. With endless swimwear options already available in the marketplace, it becomes troublesome to make a final call. Swimsuit shopping is largely based upon the criteria of determining your body type which can be curvier, athletic frame, wedge-shaped or any other type. Shoppers who are aware of their body types know which style can draw attention to their best features. However, for the rest of the naïve audience, choosing the most flattering fit is a daunting task. Swimwear is supposed to be fun wear making you feel good, not the other way around. If you are all topsy-turvy about shopping your ideal swimsuit and want to know what you should be searching for, scroll on to these four tips.

    Tip #1:  For Rectangular or Banana Shape, Go for Monokinis

    Rectangular shape has weight accumulated around the stomach and back region. Swimsuits emphasizing on the waistline and elongating the torso are best for rectangular body types. Even though, there are a plethora of swimsuits available for these body frames, mostly one-piece suits are the best options.

    Monokini Suits are the perfect pick for Rectangular Body frames

    One-piece suits with detailing at the waistline help in emphasizing a more hourglass shape. Further, embellishments like a cut-out side, a belt or a trim in dark solid color do the trick. Plunging necklines or strapless tops draw the eye upwards.

    Sahara Monokini Swimsuit by Little Secrets

    Tip #2:  For Triangle or Pear Body-Shape, Bustier-Style Suits are a Big-Yes!

    Curvy or pear or triangular shaped usually means gaining weight in the rear and thighs. These women have full busts, wider hips, and full thighs. The key is to exaggerate on the curves while providing enough support and coverage. One piece of advice would be to steer clear of monokinis and they can further put accent on the wider area.

    Highlight your curves with Bustier Style or Asymmetrical Suits

    For the gorgeous ladies who have got sexy curves, the best way is to show off the shape and don’t go the all-coverage way. Asymmetrical suits draw the eyes towards the neckline, accentuating the lovely line from a woman's neck to the collarbone. Color blocking or quirky patterns further help in highlighting your shape.

    Bustier Style or Asymmetrical Suits

    Tip #3:  For Athletic Body Frame or H-Frame, Bare is best

    H-frame body shape is squared off and blocky with a large waist area and shoulders.  Athletic frames are mostly straight up-and-down and have fewer curves.

    Show-off your fitness with some Cleavage-flattering Bikinis or Monokinis

    Suits with less coverage help to create the illusion of a shapelier figure. The asymmetrical designer swimwear displays toned abs while revving up the sexy side of a muscular frame.

    Chinchilla Monokini Swimsuit by Little Secrets

    Tip #4: Apple-Shaped or Oval Framed Bodies can Experiment with Neon

    Apple shape bodies have average heights and gains in the mid-sections. Comparatively, this frame has fuller upper bodies than their lower counterparts. For apple figures, support in the tops becomes mandatory.

    Experiment with New trends – Ruching or Lace-up

    Plunging or detailed necklines works best for apple framed bodies as it draws attention to décolletage. Side detailing further helps in slimming the torso, and gathering, such as ruching or shirring, at the waistline slim the midsection area. Lighter-colored tops such as shades of neon draw the attention upwards.

    Audrey Fringe Bikini by Little Secrets

    Little Secrets is one of the hottest online boutiques of high-end specialty swimwear and apparel that helps you find your perfect suit. Whether you fancy all covered up or you're all bold to show your middle, there are countless one-piece and two-piece options available at our end.

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    Buying luxurious nightwear is like making an investment. But what could be the reasons that make these pieces truly special? Is it the material? Or, is it the way it makes you feel sassy and confident? The designers of luxurious lingerie have always said it, and they affirm to it again - the true value of lingerie is not just in the material or feeling, sometimes it is beyond that.

    We love splurging a lot on expensive clothes, pumps or even mascaras! But why do we shudder at the price tag of luxurious nightwear, priced similarly. We might justify our stand saying that we consider heels and clothes as investment items, and that we wear them more often. Most women don’t bother much about lingerie, and prefer wearing conventional workhorse bras. But in the end, what happens is that we cringe the moment we take off that boring bra panty in front of someone special.

    Most ‘so-called’ luxury nightwear brands do not provide the required attention to certain details. A hefty price tag and a good label necessarily do not make it a luxurious item worth buying. When you are on a shopping spree for lingerie, look for chemises, camisoles or enclosed French seams. The material of the nightwear for women should be soft on the body. Just because it says silk or lace on the tag doesn’t mean it will be of fine quality.

    Choose Wisely!

    Look beyond big brand names. Go for stores that will give you more fashion forward and innovative designs, and provide you that personal attention.

    From full bust silk bras to lace corsets, you will find all types of nightwear for women at Little Secrets. It is a great place to start if you are out on the hunt for that lingerie piece, which makes you feel like a million bucks.

    Why fabric matters a lot?

    Luxurious Nightwear

    Well knitted lingerie or nightwear makes use of superior quality fabric, which feels good and looks beautiful. Silk is perhaps the most desirable fabric when it comes to nightwear for women. The durable, strong and lustrous nature of silk makes them highly desirable in women’s luxurious lingerie. Not just the material silk, but also its texture can vary and cost accordingly. For instance, a roll of smooth, heavy silk satin can cost really high, but a roll of sheer, thin silk crepe can cost three times lesser. 

    Nightwear For Women's

    Designers have been trying to bring down the costs of luxurious nightwear, and in this effort cotton nightwear were introduced. Washable and soft against the skin, these are always good for you, if you prefer good product at lesser price. 

    Luxurious Nightwear for Women's

    Lace night wears and lingerie can be quite expensive. A fine nightwear requires elegant lace, which is very soft against the skin. They are very expensive as these are hard to source as a result of dropping demands. In fact, only few designers can work with laces. At Little Secrets we have quality lace baby dolls, thongs, naughty gowns etc. 

    Hardware of the nightwear

    Hooks, loops, sliders, eyelets, clips, cups, grips and clasps – these form the foundation of a good luxurious nightwear or lingerie. It is the hardware of the nightwear that holds up everything in place. Therefore, when you make a purchase it is essential that you check for all these details. A foam cup that disintegrates or deforms in the first wash or a broken bra strap slider – all these are futile in a fine nightwear.

    Many famous designers have agreed that there is much happiness in talking to clients, who get surprised to find them confident after wearing their lingerie. Sometimes the most beautiful or dashing nightwear for women might not give you the right conviction. What matters more are the material and the design! Both criteria should make you feel comfortable. And moreover, with comfortably comes self-confidence.

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  • Whether you want to give a wedding gift to your soon-to-be husband or just want to bring some fun element into your relationship, a boudoir photo shoot always does the job. An intimate and sensual photoshoot which aesthetically captures you in a romantic and sometimes erotic way! To get the perfect photograph, everything is important, from lighting and setup to the posture and outfits. Mostly, women prefer to wear lingerie to give a more intimate touch to their photo shoot. Choosing the picture-perfect lingerie can be quite a task and that is where this guide will come handy.

    Embrace your body

    First and foremost, love yourself the way you are. No matter what size you are, accept it and flaunt in full confidence. If you got curves, then show them off instead of hiding them. Trust me, when you start embracing your body and drop your reservations, you will look a hundred times more gorgeous than you already are.

    Determine your body type

    In order to select THE perfect lingerie that will actually make you look like a Victoria’s Secret model, knowing your body shape is critical. Unless you can measure yourself just with your eyes, get your hands on an inch tape and note down the measurements of your shoulders, busts, waist, and hips. The four basic body types are:

    • Apple: If your middle part is fuller as compared to the rest of your body with slim legs, then you’re an Apple.
    • Pear: Pear-shaped beauties tend to have a fuller bottom than their rest of the body
    • Hourglass: If the shoulders and hips are almost of similar size with a smaller waist, then you fall in this category.
    • Rectangular: Women in this category have almost same dimensions from top to bottom, therefore having a straight line figure.

    Invest in Some Bold and Beautiful Lingerie Pieces

    Babydolls Lingerie, corsets, camisoles, the list is very long. Now that you know your body shape, it's time to choose lingerie that will flatter you the most.

    Apple shaped women should focus on drawing attention to their bust and away from the waist. Low-cut and V-shaped necklines accentuate your bust and give an elongated look to your overall body line. You can choose to wear a strapless bra and undies set or instead go for a strapless corset. This lets you flaunt your shoulders while creating some curves. If you are not comfortable in exposing too much skin, then opt for a deep V-neck bodysuit.

    Pear shaped women have heavier bottoms, but that does not mean that they need to camouflage that. Rather than hiding them, flaunt them confidently with tight-fitting pants. Corsets and corset dresses will do the job of creating a seamless line from top to bottom giving you a slender appearance.

    For Rectangle shaped women, waist clinchers, push up bras and chemises are ideal as they add the required curves to their silhouette. A padded push-up bra gives you a rather fuller and rounder appearance.

    A well-fitted chemise or teddy is perfect for flattering an hourglass-shaped body. Vintage styles and corsets double up your grace that will make you feel and look like a diva.

    Do Not Forget to Accessorize

    Your hair is set, makeup is done and you have chosen the perfect lingerie. Now for that final touch to your overall look, accessorize. You don’t need to be a walking glitter bomb. Keep it simple and elegant. It could be sexy knee high boots, a pearl necklace, studs, a hat, or anything you find interesting.

    A boudoir photo shoot is a great way of expressing yourself. Let your thoughts flow, be creative and rock that shoot in some exotic lingerie by Little Secrets. At Little secrets, we believe that lingerie has the power to either make or break your entire look. That is why we bring to you a wide range of comfortable and luxurious sleepwear, nightwear, Chemises, swimsuit, and accessories that will make you look elegant, confident and sensual.

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