Little Secrets

Erotic & Bedroom Lingerie

Sinfully Addictive Bedroom Wear 

At Little Secrets, we constantly groom our inventory of erotically-themed lingerie. This Bedroom collection is the result of this approach, catering to women who are spontaneous and love their bodies. We believe that intimate wear should be uninhibited without the need to follow any precedents. This is exactly what you will find here. Stimulating, bold designs to add some serious glamour to your bedroom affairs. Little Secrets’ designer bedroom lingerie collection indulges you with erotically-inspired designs. Expect revealing options, each with a unique element, ranging from all-lace construction to thong bottoms, meticulous front detailing, or smartly crafted cut-outs. We are slowly emerging as UK’s preferred online hub in the niche of lavishly designed lingerie with an emphasis on unrestrained oomph. You get the latest in Bedroom Lingerie, including those with metal chains, fishnets, criss-cross designs, and the use of skin-friendly fabrics like Lycra. Trust us for finding sensually crafted lingerie with the comfort of perfectly fitting band and cup sizes. From fierce to kittenish & mischievous to blatantly provocative lingerie, explore this category with the assurance of best online prices and a wide range of sizes for the perfect fitting.

Lingerie is more about individuality rather than looking gorgeous. It’s about letting go of your inhibitions. “Take the help of Little Secrets to transform those intimate moments into something more. Indulge in ravishing, revealing designs. There are no rules here!”