Little Secrets

Bra Sets

Flaunt Your Curves!

Build your own, trendy lingerie ensemble with properly fitted, dangerously-intoxicating bra sets from the house of Lsecrets—UK's treasured lingerie web store. We bring you the best in Bra & Panty sets, each handpicked for fine quality and the promise of affordability. Expect erotically designed bras apart from complementing G-strings, flirtatious thongs and petal-soft lace panties to highlight your silhouette. Our smart use of contrasting colours, textures and design patterns along with premium fabrics means you get intimate wear that oozes class but without being pricey. Blooming patterns in Little Secrets Bras are meticulously crafted to wrap your curves in a comfortable way. We believe that innerwear needs to be as sensual and fashionable as apparels. We empower women like you with designs that are high on sensuality and ease-of-use. You look and feel more beautiful throughout the day. Blending seamlessly, these under-clothing choices are smartly crafted for women who demand style and a snug fit. Explore an increasing range of under-wired bras which should be a part of every woman’s wardrobe. From everyday wear to slightly more exotic options, you are sure to find a Bra Set that matches your requirements!

Let Little Secrets help you build an exquisite innerwear wardrobe. “Lingerie plays a great role in how you carry yourself. It gives you an aura of beauty and charm that comes from within – when you feel confident, relaxed about what you wear inside.”