Little Secrets

Corset and Bustier

 Risqué, Audacious & Lacy: Liberating Corsets  

Little Secrets takes pride in catering to independent women – those who are passionate about fashion, in and outside the realm of their bedroom. There is nothing as suggestive of fashion liberation as a Corset that is historically regarded as an oppressive accessory for women. We are in the middle of a corset revolution as women are ready to unleash bolder choices in the bedroom. We cater to this demand with a beautiful assortment of designer corsets, some subtly seductive while others happen to be steamy, somewhat raunchy. The idea is to provide you the freedom of picking a Bustier/Corset that complements your persona. From classy corsets to more wicked designs, feast your eyes on couture pieces—absolute must-haves in any woman’s lingerie collection. Explore the biggest assortment of mischievously designed corsets in different colours and fabrics, with zipper fronts, gothic inspirations, and strapless designs. From Ivory White Corsets with skirts to adorable, Baby Pink Corsets, this collection is all about being sensuous. At Little Secrets, you get the promise of skin-loving fabrics, enticing lingerie choices with a bias towards the provocative. Seamlessly integrated linings and lacy fabrics along with support waistbands ensure that these tightly fitted bodices are comfortable.

Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful. Be gorgeous. Be you. “Corsets underline how women have broken through the clutter of conservatism. It is about expressing yourself without restraints, feeling special...”