Little Secrets


 Companions for Seductive Dressing

Lingerie creators at heart, Little Secrets is expanding its horizon, fully aware that women searching for urbane, utterly stylish jewellery and accessories are overwhelmed with too much on the platter. Rather than stuffing your drawer with mainstream jewellery pieces, why not be a bit more selective. You can easily do this with our designer jewellery. From intimate jewellery meant to accessorize designer lingerie to those that serve as the perfect fashion accessory when you want to turn up the heat, i.e. dress tantalizingly without being crass. These are boutique designs—we are not into the business of bulk supplies. Crafted for the modern woman, each jewellery option here serves as the perfect accessory irrespective of your apparel choices. Watch this space as we add more to our growing list of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Choose from vibrant, cheerful jewellery, from combo necklaces to antique gold polished pendants and burnished metal ornaments.

Feminism feeds on self-liberation and Fashion helps you express yourself. Our collection of premium lifestyle jewellery stems from this thought. “Little Secrets mirrors the modern woman’s viewpoint—fashion that empowers, makes you feel good without any stereotypes.”